10 Habits Everyday That Can Damage Your Health

3. Washing your hair too often

Hair wash

This can strip the natural oils from your hair.

You may want to consider jumping on the dry shampoo bandwagon. As it turns out, it’s unhealthy for your hair to be too clean. ““A lot of times, (shampoo) actually strains natural oils from the hair and causes it to be more brittle,” White tells Men’s Journal. So having a little extra oil in your hair is actually a good thing.

4. Adding extra sauce


Too much of certain sauces can have negative impact on your weight and heart health.

We’re all for the food you eat tasting delicious. But some of your favorite condiments are wreaking havoc on your body. Registered dietitian Stefanie Senior tells the Huffington Post that many of your favorite condiments pack in added ingredients like extra fat, sodium, and sugar, which can contribute to problems such as obesity and heart disease.

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